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Mobile-First Indexing On The Horizon

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John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, affirmed that Google is experimenting with Mobile-First Indexing. During a recent Google Webmaster hangout, Mueller explained that the best way to run the experiment is on active content.

The mobile-first indexing tests are allowing Google to analyze several key factors. Not only are they testing effects on users and ranking impact but also checking classifiers for debugging purposes.

Google’s new internal classifiers are pinpointing which sites have or do not have corresponding pages on mobile and desktop.

Roll out of mobile-first indexing will be gradual in order to repair and prepare websites for the switch.

 “…we’re looking to do this in a step by step sort of way, rather than to just turn it on and everything breaks...These changes are not easy to make so we want to [give] sufficient time… we don’t want to force everyone to revamp their website within a couple of weeks.”

John Mueller
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