About Us

Welcome to Aretí

Led By The Classic Roman Belief Of Virtue.

Who Are We

We Are A Group Of Real Estate And Construction Professionals That Stumbled Into A Passion For Marketing And Business Development.

Our Mission

To Remodel The World By Bringing Virtue And Innovation To The Construction Industry; To Build Companies Where Customers Can Find Quality, Value, And Service Driven Contractors.

What We Do

We Create And Grow Remodeling And Construction Companies.

Our history

My name is Marcos Andazola, I am the Founder and CEO of Areti Consulting. I’ve been in business leadership training since I could push a broom. I worked for my father back home and learned the discipline and skills of hard work, (my dad still runs circles around me or anyone who works for him), salesmanship, customer service, and doing things right the first time.

After college and being sent home from MEPS I followed a path I thought I would encounter after serving in the military. Now almost 10 years later, I’ve been a part of over 1,000 real estate transactions in Central and West Texas involving  first time home buyers, resale buyers, sellers, investors, personal flips and investment property and property management.

Referring clients to the contractors we were constantly using wasn’t enough, they were great, and I wanted to help them flourish and be around when we needed them for our personal properties and personal clients. Hence came the tinkering of building websites, which led to developing skills on how to bring in clients through paid advertisements, such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

I built our initial site as an experiment. Then the phone rang, and I had to hurry and find someone who could do the work.

The ability to use this new skillset would be wasted if I tried to keep it to myself. Someone much wiser and wealthier than me drilled a beautiful message into my head that I am forever grateful for, “Real estate, (and subsequently this business), is a team sport. You’ll get everything you want in life if you learn how to share.”

Our 6-D process



No one company, city, industry, business owner is the same. Our initial discovery process allows us to understand and tailor our skillset to your needs.



You and us define a roadmap to success where we can grow your company at a steady pace.



We handle the design elements of your marketing strategy to acquire more paying customers.



We handle the development and management of your company’s marketing arm.



We execute proven marketing techniques that allow you to spend your time where you are more valuable to your company.



Simple: We deliver results.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Contact us for an no obligation consultation. We can also run a FREE audit on your website to discover imrpovements you could have your current marketing team repair or fix yourself.